SoundBrush // Emil Berzen

We all have movements that we are really familiar with, for some people that work long hours every in front of the computer, are typing a movement they are really familiar with and don’t reflect on the bodily movements that they do while writing, other examples could be running, throwing or illustrating. The focus for this research will be on artists working with visual mediums as well as a compare group with other people with different backgrounds and experiences. An artist’s expression lies in their tools, the strokes rooted in an inner image visualizing a flow of movements put on to the canvas. In this project, motion capture data is collected from these movements and translated into a sonic feedback. How will this link between the artist’s movements and their tools and a purely sonic medium affect the artist? The research will investigate the influence the sound has on both creativity, awareness of the movements and how different soundscapes could affect the artist in specific ways. The research will evaluate and map out the results from both an individual perspective as well as the general impact the brush had on the artist.

Spring practice work

public presentation
Direct Mapping Pencil

Leap motion connected to Ableton Analog Synth

SoundBrush video