The Placeholder Group | Kavi, Renee Carmichael, Emory Martin, Michael Palumbo

Playing in the Meta-Presence


Ilze Briede [artist name Kavi] is a multi-media nomad traversing across numerous disciplines including visual art, digital design and interactive installation. Kavi's current research examines the application of virtual experience environments, such as Mixed Reality and Internet along with immersive video projection and real-time collaboration to explore human and non-human creativity, art, and human-computer co-working practices. Kavi is a PhD student in Digital Media at York University, Toronto Canada. Website

Renee Carmichael is a researcher, writer, and artist who dwells in the liminal and is inspired by mathematical thinking. She experiments with movement and code, exploring the calculated and the feeling through intimate performances, texts, podcasts, videos, algorithms, and online artworks. Movement for her is like thinking which is like coding: they are all processes of understanding the complex world by being in it. She is a doctoral candidate in Comparative Art Theory at the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero in Argentina, she has a master’s degree in Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice from Goldsmiths College in London, is founder of the experimental publishing project Flee Immediately! and is co-founder of the podcast Liminal Bits. She currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Website Instagram

Emory Martin is a musician and researcher at Ryerson University. His research includes trauma-informed therapeutic interventions for children and youth in collaboration with Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre and Unity Charity in Toronto. Emory has worked as a musical accompanist for Ballet Jorgen (George Brown College), Toronto Dance Theatre, Toronto Children’s Dance Theatre and Downward Dog Yoga Centre.

Michael Palumbo is an electroacoustic music improviser, teacher, and developer. His PhD research spans distributed creativity, temporality, and version control systems, and is expressed through Mischmasch (2020), a programming environment for modular synthesis in virtual reality; git show (2019) a distributed music composition experiment; and Data Issues: Please See Attachment (2016-2018), a live performance piece involving a random selection of an abandoned, unfinished project from his past. He has presented his research internationally, including the Journal of New Music Research and at such conferences as ISEA, NIME, Expo ’74, AES, and Network Music Festival. He produces the monthly telematic music series Exit Points, and regularly performs with his voice, a hardware modular synthesizer and his own code. Website - Bandcamp - GitHub

spring microresidency

Experimenting with Speech to Text

resource series

As a way to expand how we connect and think of meta-presence, we tried using a speech-to-text algorithm as part of two jam sessions. The first one was also the first time where we did not connect visually through Zoom. The experience was fragmented but connected, raising questions around the fine line between being together but separate. Here we share with you some screenshots from the jam sessions and the text outputted by the algorithm.

text to speech output
text to speech output renee
session 1 screenshot


resource series

Glimpses behind the scenes & other thoughts, ideas, processes and experiences.

Final Patch State from SloMoCo Opening Night - thispatcher aka Michael Palumbo

Two primary voices, two channels each: [1] Pings from a high-resonance hi-pass filter processed through a stereo delay, and [2] my voice/breath processed through a second stereo delay. Most of the control voltage assignments were from a one-to-many mapping of an envelope follower on the mic, patched to several delay parameters. See this link for specific details about the synth:


Random Notes from SloMoCo Opening Night - Renee



resource series

This recording is our very first online collaboration.

Improvisational session testing OBSNinja

This video was premiered at 'Telethon Telethon' Youtube streaming event on March 29, 2021 organized by the Elephants Collective.