Order in the Eye of the Beholder | Belinda McGuire Dance Projects

Interactive Dance Film

ABOUT THE WORK - This is an interactive “choose your own adventure” dance film, typically viewed by each individual audience member alone via their own device, for however long and however frequently they like, from wherever they might be. It is comprised of a multitude of film segments, but re-created with each new view as the viewer navigates their own unique way through their own unique version of the film. This genre-reinventing project was born out of the pandemic, its limitations, affordances and inescapable realities.

Order in the Eye of the Beholder explores the notion of the variable nature of perception, the emergence, disappearance and transformation of logic, the difference between belonging to and belonging in, between interior and exterior perception, and movement patterns as they relate to identity.

Order is in the eye of the beholder… beauty is in the eye of the beholder… greatness is in the eye of the beholder. We behold others, we are beheld by others, we behold ourselves. Mystery, idolatry, and misunderstanding can easily arise as a result of misalignments of those three tiers. Time affords us a kind of distance which allows a kind of external self-view. Time does for our self-view what distance does for others’ views of us. We can only ever see more or less, we will never see the whole picture, I’m not even sure if there is a whole picture to be seen.


summer practice work

Interview with Veronica Posth, Fjord Review