Internet Aerobics | Liat Berdugo

a 20-minute workout routine about the internet, streaming to you through the internet

Filmed in a computer Lab, Internet Aerobics is a 20-minute aerobics workout routine about the internet, streaming to viewers through the internet. Aerobics props of long, blue ethernet cables are used, and hyperlink blue is celebrated as the color of online opportunity -- of links that have not yet been clicked. Aerobics moves embody multiple facets of online life, with packets of information speeding through wifi networks, routers, data centers, fiber optic cables -- often times at different speeds due to the lack of net neutrality laws. This workout routine is an invitation to viewers to sweat along in front of their own browser tabs while thinking about and moving through the very makeup of the Internet, itself.


spring practice work

Internet Aerobics (excerpt)
Internet Aerobics