FIELD GUIDE | dana dal bo, Luke Fishbeck, curtis tamm, Selwa Sweidan

(Dis)Orientations, Strategies, sequences, episodes, (breakout) groups, layers, dimensions, invitations, un-ceded territories)

Our FIELD GUIDE explores collective authorship, experimentally creating documents and systems that support shifting centers and peripheries of inquiry (and identity).  The collaboratively-authored FIELD GUIDE seeks to locate new forms for co-authored research in critical media arts, centered on open pedagogical tools.

As part of the SLOMOCO proceedings on March 15, 2021, we are hosting a performative workshop/drift, moving through our FIELD GUIDE as a score holding multiple potential realizations.

Collectively Authored Guide as an Aleatory Body:

We see our FIELD GUIDE as an aleatory body (or score) which we dance with and through: our goal has been to explore collective authorship, while experimenting in shaping media that affords shifting inquiries and centers.

  • How might this type of FIELD GUIDE become a notational and bibliographic archive, allowing for a multitude of paths expanding over time?
  • How do we create documents and systems that support shifting centers and peripheries of inquiry (and identity)?
  • How do we allow artifacts of collective authorship to dynamically shift (both in intent and in media)? How might the FIELD GUIDE act as a generative tool for performance, research, and practice?


Our collective engagement with the idea of a FIELD GUIDE arose out of a disoriented and disorienting drift through the platforms of pandemic academia which seemed poorly prepared to address, let alone acknowledge, critical coming-to-terms with histories, identities, place, and community. Collaboration is at the center of this pursuit, both in terms of how “fields” are delineated, but also in terms of how the boundaries of these fields are eroded, and finally, how the paths across fields are maintained over time. This process requires discourse, and patience. As our perspective changes, our reading of the research changes. We have gently, and slowly experimented with methods for traversing, hearing, and inhabiting these fields.

See the FIELD GUIDE (v6) here:


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