Deepfake Movement Studies | Ian Heisters with StratoFyzika and Daria Kaufman

Sketches with neural networks and the body

A series of short, looping video studies working with neural networks and the body. These studies consider the neural network as a kind of camera film, a residue of something that has happened. Unlike film, the networks are designed for manipulation, falsification, and the potential for the bifurcation of memory and the record of history.

The neural networks of Deepfake Studies are propositions of devices for digital memory. On the one hand, the network retains and learns something about light that once reflected off a body in a certain place at a certain time. The network is an intangible residue of a past presence–or tens of thousands of presences–but it is also a device for manipulating this very record. After training the network, I can inject new data, and cause the network to infer an image of an event that never occurred.

These studies were generated using a custom high-resolution AI video pipeline.